How to Trim off Audio Clip's Tail?

I had composed some music for my game. However, some of them had got this silence ‘tail’ when imported to Unity (using 2018.3). See image for what I meant. How do I get rid of the bit on the right after the red line?

You see, when I listen to it on the composing software (MuseScore 3) it loops nicely without interruption. But once it got into Unity (as ogg), it now had this unnecessary pause on every cycle. In fact, for this one in particular. The last note is a 16th note and on a 170 bpm. So there really shouldn’t be any long pauses at the end.

Download “Audiocity” its free from
Then import your sound clip in and trim it where you need it.
Its so easy to use. a quick simple tutorial vid on youtube and you will on your way.