How to turn off Unity Hub 3.0 Dark Mode

Yes, I hate dark mode. I know. I’m the only developer in the universe that hates dark mode, but I hate dark mode. The contrast ratio between black and rgb(174,171,174) is 9.23. My eyes do not like 9.23.

How do I turn it off? Preferences / Appearance - nothing there.

Inside hub (3.0) :

Thats the neat part, you don’t!

seriously now, you can’t do that yet. seems like they forgot to add light mode xD. best option is to go back.

You are not the only one. I had cataracts, so my doctors gave me lens implants. They work well in light mode, but all dark mode displays look fuzzy. I need light mode back.

The lack of a toggle is why I’m sticking to an older version for now, as I don’t like using dark theme either.

This is awful. The contrast is way to high, difficult to see, and no, you are not the only dev who hates dark mode. I have poor vision and dark mode makes me want to vomit. Violently.

I just wanted to say that you are not alone. I do not like dark mode either and would also like to be able to turn it off. It should be allowed in Settings, but it is not. I just updated to the latest version and it is still not available as a setting.

Unity, please fix this.

Mike Riley

Edit > Preferences > General > Editor Theme > Light

Hope that helps =]

What you describe is for Unity, not for Unity Hub. There is no File menu in Unity Hub.