How to turn on/off the animate color section in a Particle System through a program.

I am currently working on a custom respawn point, that is basically just a large particle system. However, I want to include in my program a section that turns on and off the "Does animate color?" section. I do know the basic scripting (i.e

doesanimatecolor = !doesanimatecolor 

but I don't know the actual term for it (as I tried doesanimatecolor, and it was not a valid command). Any help on how to do this would be appreciated.


It's a boolean, so you'd most likely go

ParticleAnimator.doesAnimateColor = true;

And then change it from there... I believe.

Hope you figure it out (If you do could you post it?)

So the correct syntax would be something like:

GetComponent(ParticleAnimator).doesAnimateColor = false;

Here is the code that turns it off if it collides with anything:

function OnCollisionEnter (other : Collision) 
GetComponent(ParticleAnimator).doesAnimateColor = false;

I also tried changing OnCollisionEnter with OnCharacterControllerHit, but when I did that, though my character could not enter the particle system (because of my collider), it did not work, though the other one did with a cube when it touched. Any Idea why my character controller (the direct prefab from the standard assets) would not activate the script?