how to unset "Build App Bundle (Google Play)" when building from command line

I have a build script that can build an Android apk and an Android App Bundle (aab file) from command line. However, after building an aab file Unity Editor (2022.2.6f1) leaves the “Build App Bundle (Google Play)” enabled.

I assume this is causing issues.
The next time I’m building an Android apk, the build succeeds but the apk cannot be installed on android devices.

If I open the Editor GUI, I can see that “Build App Bundle (Google Play)” is enabled. If I disable it, and then build an apk from command line again it works fine.

So… how to unset “Build App Bundle (Google Play)” when building from command line? (or inside a Unity cs script?

Workaround: Simply removing “Library/EditorUserBuildSettings.asset” does the trick.