how to update android game ?

so what should i change in unity player settings and androidmanifest.xml to update my game to version 1.01 :

  • bundle version 1.0
  • short bundle version 1.0
  • bundle version code 1

solved :

bundle version 1.0 = 1.01

short bundle version 1.0 = only ios

bundle version code 1 = 2

and in the androidmanifest.xml :

android:versionName=“1.01” android:versionCode=“2”

The Bundle Version is the version number, so changing it to 1.01 will change the version. Another thing to bear in mind is that if you already have an app in Google Play, you will need to change the bundle version code as well, because Google Developer Console won’t let you upload 2 apk’s with the same bundle version code.