How to update Current Editor to avoid eating the storage?

Currently, I have installed Hub, and when a new update comes, if there is a new update, I have to install it as another editor which means it will consume more storage on my device, how do only update the current editor?

Doesn't work that way. Many people have a number of projects running at once, potentially on different versions. You DO NOT want to update all their versions at once. Instead you're given control over what projects you update.

Storage space is cheap these days anyway.

I actually havent start a project but I like to update the current version,,, I can uninstall and install new but it takes time.


as you can see in the image, it also If I install a new editor, choosing the android build sdk, It has to download 11GB.. I mean it consumes internet data, and storage data of my device.,or is their an ability to use same platform that I currently have? I currently have the Android Build Support on old version. Sorry my grammar not good hope it make sense,.

In a word: No, for reasons I already covered.