How to upload a package to the asset store ... Bug??

I’m using Unity 5.0.1f1 and the Asset Store Tools 4.0.2. I pick “Asset Store->Package Upload”, select the package, pick “Upload”.

I see it upload a package. I see it appear in the Publisher Administration pages on the website. I have uploaded all artwork, descriptions, etc. You can see it shows the package uploaded at 307.4k

alt text

I pick “Submit Package for Approval” and I get an error

alt text

Maybe I’m doing something really stupid. I used the Asset Store Tools to upload my scene with my stuff in it. They are version 4.0.2. I’m in Unity 5.0.1f1 personal (do I need pro to upload a package?). Is there some step I forgot other than uploading from the “Package Upload” tool?

I did notice one strange thing, there is no “step 3” in the “Package Tool”

alt text

But since after picking “Upload” the package showed up (see first screenshot) it seemed like I didn’t need the missing step “3.”

Thank you for any help.

So apparently it was a bug on their end. After 2 weeks of trying to get it to submit and then waiting a week it finally just magically worked. I changed nothing.