How to Upload a video from Android/iOS to a server without using WWW ?

Hi everybody !

I need to upload some videos from Android/iOS to a server but as those videos could probably be heavy in term of size (> 100mb), it is pretty hard to use the WWW object from Unity to achieve this.

Is there another way to do this ?

Thank you in advance for your answers !

By doing more research I’ve finally found a solution to this problem.

I’ve used a BinaryReader object to read the video by chunks, everytime a chunk is read, I upload it to the server with a WWW request (it’s not crashing the application because the chunk size is lower than 10mo).

Once every chunks are uploaded, the side server code is merging all of them into one single video file and it’s working perfectly !

if some of you need a code example just give me a sign :slight_smile: !

Can you share your code?

Hallo @Symbolizer, can you explain more to me about your method and code? Thank you