How to upload a web game to dropbox without errors?

I uploaded my Unity web game (both html and unity3d files) to a subfolder inside my “public” dropbox folder. However, when I middle-click on my html file (to open the file in another tab), the unity player gives this error:

“Failed to download data file”

How can I fix this?

(link: Unity Web Player | Space Shooter)

EDIT: Thanks to the community’s help, my game now fully functions! Why not try it out?

Dropbox has “dropped” the support of public folders (at least for free users)quite some time ago. It’s no longer possible to have an old public folder like in the past. Those who still have such an old account can still use it (like myself.)

Those links look different than the new ones:

It’s basically just the user ID (which is constant for one user) followed by any directory structure you have inside your public folder. The new public folders have, like @VesuvianPrime guessed right an individual path for each file. It might work if you get the link for your “.unity3d” file seperately and use this link inside you HTML file.

In your HTML file you have a line that looks like:

u.initPlugin(jQuery("#unityPlayer")[0], "Space_Shooter_1_0.unity3d");

Here you have to exchange “Space_Shooter_1_0.unity3d” with the new public link to your unity3d file. This should work.

Did you modify the HTML file to point to your dropbox file? The HTML generated by Unity will point to the C drive of your computer. Open it in a text editor, find the .unity3d file name, and adjust the path.

For easier deployment you can experiment with FaceBook or Kongregate. Both will take your .unity3d file with no need for extra HTML.