How to upload WebGL games on reputed websites?

Hello everyone,

I want to upload my game on websites like kongregate, y8, etc. But in Unity 5.4.x, there is no web player and only WebGL is present. I built using WebGL and created some files but there were no .unity3d files and these websites are asking for .unity3d files. In Kongregate, I did upload my game but when it asked me to preview it, my game didn’t launch.

Are there any files which I can use to upload on y8 which asks me for .untiy3d files? Or do I need to search for other websites?

Thank you.

Hello there :slight_smile:

If you have a good unity game, i’d love to talk about licensing it for our website,

Use the contact us and send a demo/link of your game, and i’ll check it.