How to use 1 animation controller for a character and an animated object ?

Hello everyone. How do you use 1 animation controller for a character (with its animations) and an animated object synchronized to the character ?
In particular I have as character the animation of an archer without a bow and as an object a bow with its animation. I would like the archer to hold the bow in its hand and that the 2 animations activate at the same time (for example with the use of a trigger). It’s possible ?

I think what you want here is to use animator layers (that’s the keyword, google it!)

Create a new animator layer for the bow.
Drag the animation clips of the bow to that layer.
Now connect the states so they respond to the same parameters as the player.
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Thank Tiiiincho, until then I had arrived too, but the problem is to match the movement of the hand that takes the string of the bow and the curtain, with the animation of the string that stretches (which would be the second animation, the one you suggested to do).