How to use 2048 retina display??

Hi im trying to understand how to use texture with 2048x1536 on ipad3. the texture seems blur and not sharp as it should. any setting to corrects this ???
TY :slight_smile:

Assuming your textures that are blurry in Unity actually do have a high resolution (i.e., larger than 1024, and probably 2048 or more), the problem is that Unity scales large textures down to 1024 per default.

So you would need to increase the Max Size for these textures. Select the texture, and change the “Max Size” field in the Inspector. If you have many textures, just select them all at once, then you can change this setting for all of them at the same time. Don’t forget to push “Apply” afterwards.

Increasing the value has no effect for textures that are smaller than the value (i.e., a 64x64 texture will still be 64x64, even after setting the value to 2048).

In your project window, find your texture and select it. Then in the inspector window. Change the type to a GUI, and the max size to 4096, and the format to true colour.

Let me know how that goes.

You also have to make sure the output resolution is to “highest available”
I think you can set that in the player or render settings (sorry I’m at work with no access to any unity install)
Otherwise no matter what’s the resolution of your texture is, if your viewport is not HD, it will always look blurry