How to use a *.bip file in Unity3D?

Import a *.max file which has no animation to Unity3D, it’s animation stor in *.bip file, and *.bip file can’t not use in Unity3D. Drag the *.bip file to GameObject or see the Animation import menu, is all does’t work.
Why i do this , becouse if import a *.fbx file with all animation to Unity3D , when i want to insert a animation or modify a animation, it’s very fash.
Or separat the animation to many file , one animation one file , every file has the same mesh date, it’s waste of space.

Or any other has some good resolve this problem?

Yes it is a little bit waste of space, but only for your project folder. Your final game won’t use those meshes. It will only use the animation from the imported model. In general, Unity only include assets into your final build that are used. You can copy what ever you want into the project, as long as you don’t use the asset in a used prefab or in a scene that you include in the build, it’s ok.

Thank you~! I understand it~