How To Use A First Person View

I Recently Started Using Unity But I Dont Understand How To Use A First Person View

Ok, so I’ll give you a theoretical explanation of what you are asking about. To do a first person view, place the camera where the viewer’s eyes would normally be. When the player moves, you would move the camera. For instance, if the player looks left or right, you would rotate the camera left or right. If the player jumps, make the camera go up, then back down. If the player walks forward, move the camera forward.

I would advise making sure you are well versed in C#, Java, or Boo, then follow a few tutorials on Unity3D until you are comfortable building simple scenes with moving objects. Once you are comfortable getting various objects moving on the screen, you will have learned everything you need to move the camera. You’ll then just need to find a tutorial on how to obtain player inputs.