How to use a joint or other methods to create a joint-like effect that allows a rigidbody to rotate around an anchor in all axes?

I am relatively new to this and I was trying to use joints to make certain rigidbodies “orbit” around an anchor. This anchor was going to be the center of another rigidbody the others could lock themselves to, or break away from, with enough force.

I also wanted to make this connection a spring, but unlike springjoints (as far as I could understand them) this one would have to behave more like a real spring, pushing the rigidbody away if it is closer than the “rest distance”. The spring part, however is not really necessary, the free rotation is the really important part.

I tried using configurable joints, but they are beyond my understanding and even after some experimentation with them I could not generate the desired behavior.

I hope this image helps explain it even more:
alt text

Any help is massively appreciated.

Sounds like a plain spring joint to me. Did you try the spring joint? I allows for free rotation of the bodies, and will both push away and pull together, based on distance.