How to use a PS3 controller to control an FPS


I am still kind of new to Unity and wanted to make my game for the PS3 or XBox. I do not know much scripting, so could someone please send me a script?


Rather than a script, I’ll point you to the documentation on Input, which is what you need to work with consoles. You don’t have to modify the FPS controllers themselves, except maybe to change which axes they are using.

Ok, ok, ok you dont know how to script and you want to create games for ps3/xbox?
Learn scripting and basics of programing :slight_smile:
Start here:

  1. -download this emulator and learn how to make a simple program.
  2. Try to make some text adventure using bat in windows or sh on linux or mac :slight_smile:
  3. Create something better using yoyogames Gamemaker
  4. Learn something in javascript and c
    Im sorry but you cant create games without scripting/coding knowledge