How to use a transparent png as a model texture ?

Hello, it seems impossible to have a “semi-transparent” texture in unity, if you set the material to opaque it is totally opaque, if you set it to transparent it is totally transparent and if you set to cutout it is either invisible or opaque.
I’m using, Autodesk interactive, I tried several other’s, anyway I need normal map, specular…

Is it possible or unity is just … bad !?


I found the anwser here :
It doesn’t seem possible in the editor, but to enable alpha in the game I needed to se that :

        foreach (Material m in Roof.GetComponent<Renderer>().materials)
            m.SetFloat("_Mode", 2);
            m.SetInt("_SrcBlend", (int)UnityEngine.Rendering.BlendMode.SrcAlpha);
            m.SetInt("_DstBlend", (int)UnityEngine.Rendering.BlendMode.OneMinusSrcAlpha);
            m.SetInt("_ZWrite", 0);
            m.renderQueue = 3000;