How to use a video as texture ?

Hello everybody,

I’m a new user of UNITY and i’m working on a new IMMERSION system. It’s my first time with a gaming engine and i have difficulties to :

  • use a video as texture
  • apply the texture inside a 3D object

PS : I’m using the free version of UNITY

I dont think that this is possible in the free version of unity.

However, if your clip isn’t too long or high-res. You can break each frame into tiles on a single texture and use this:

As for video files, i think that requires unity pro.

Yes, video playback is a Unity Pro feature.
However, there are Assets in the AssetStore that provide that functionality to the Free version.

Thank you guys for answers.

Now i know i can’t do what i want with my free version. I will ask some money to buy some Assets, which i just discovered, or i will buy a pro version.

Someone know how to apply a texture inside a 3D object? (a sphere) That was so easy with blender :frowning: