How to use Alljoyn to make multi-play game

I wanna make AR multi-play game with Vuforia so i tried some networking services(f.g PUN,UNET) but it doesnt work.

But actually i found that there are some AR multi-play games so i think to make AR multi-play game is possible.I hope so at least.

And I noticed that I can make AR multi-play game with Alljoyn but to use it in Unity is difficult for me.
I can’t import Alljoyn in Unity at first.

If you know how to use it in Unity,Pls tell me.

What are you stuck on? Happy to help but where do things break down with those multiplayer options?
Are you getting a compile time exception or is it a networking problem?

You could have a look at a project I work on for networked games. Nakama is a game server which handles multiplayer, chat, and a bunch of other things. We have tutorials which should be a good place to start.

In any case let me know more about where you’ve gotten stuck so far. Difficult to help otherwise :slight_smile: