How to use Application.OpenUrl("sms") for multiple numbers?

I have been looking around how to send a message for mobile devices through the OpenUrl(“sms:”) method and can’t seem to figure out how to send to multiple phone numbers… I am trying on an iPhone with iOS 8.1.2 and I’m currently using

Application.OpenURL(string.Format("sms:{0}&body={1}", number, WWW.EscapeURL(message)));

Also, how can I get the message in there without using WWW.EscapeURL())? Every time I use this it gives me a “+” in between each space. But if I remove the WWW.EscapeURL() then it doesn’t start the message sending.

Thanks in advanced!

Try this:


I am not sure this is possible by using the “sms:” URL scheme.

What you can do is implement this as a plugin in native iOS code (check out the MFMessageComposeViewController class).

Here’s a tutorial that shows the code needed to start the SMS app with the requested recipients:

If you require other platforms, you’ll have to implement it for every platform your game has to run on.