How to use AssetBundles in Higher version ?

Hi All,

I have created Asset bundles with Unity4.2.1 . working fine.

Unfortunately, We have upgraded the project to Unity4.5.0f6 . Those Asset bundles (created with Unity4.2.1) are not working with Unity4.5.0f6.

Is there any technique to use Asset bundles in higher version which are created by low version of unity ?

Thank you…

You need to rebuild your AssetBundles for your actual version of Unity. Sometime, when Unity is upgrated, the previous version of AssetBundles are not compatible.

Here is the documentation to build AssetBundles :

Building AssetBundles

If you only have assetbundles and not sources, I suggest you to load them in the compatible version of Unity and extract all the data. Then import them in the new version of Unity and rebuilt your AssetBundles.