How to use Azure notification hub for push within Unity

Hello, I’ve asked this question on SO but there weren’t any replies. hoping someone here could point me in the right direction. I need to use Azure hub notification for push.

We can’t make use of nuget packages as they aren’t compatible with Unity. I searched online but there aren’t any resources on it. The only way I can think of doing it is by ‘plugins’, writing native code in Xcode to handle push, but I’ve never done swift so thats a difficult task in itself, which isn’t guaranteed to work. So I would like to know if someone can point me in the right direction, source code or otherwise that would help me.


Hello OzanKeskin,
I understand your situation and I think you are not alone. Have you considered IndieGamesLab? The current samples project shows how to send a message to azure and receive a response. As it is opensource you could post on issues if you want an example of push notifications. There is not a plug-in (yet) but we are in the process of getting the framework approved for the Asset Store. In the meantime the github repo is a good way to start.