How to use different and distinguish between different box colliders?

I have a game object with two box colliders attached, one to see the player and one to end the game. The player also has a box collider attached.
//the box colliders
public BoxCollider collider1; // longer box collider (trigger)
public BoxCollider collider2;//smaller box collider (trigger)

public BoxCollider colliderPlayer; //player box collider

private void OnTriggerEnter(Collider collider1) //when the box collider is seen
        Debug.Log("i see you"); //play a sound?

    private void OntriggerEnter(Collider collider2)

I do not know how to distingwuish between the box colliders AND the second onTriggerEnter is never used for some reason?

You can’t distinguish them, when they are assigned to the same GameObject.

Easiest way to solve is probably using a second GameObject for your EndGameTrigger and make it a child of the player. Then only assign a box collider (marked as trigger) and use a new Script with a separate OnTriggerEnter() method for it.