How to use different post processing effects on stacked cameras at the same time

I have a URP project with a Base camera, a UI Camera, a Base Post processing volume, and a UI volume. What I want to do is have the Base volume applied to what the Base camera renders, while the UI volume only gets applied to the UI which is rendered by the UI camera.

In the 2020 version, the issue I was getting was that the UI volume was also being applied to the Base camera since the ui cam is stacked on the base camera. This wasn’t ideal, but my research back then led me to believe what I wanted to do just wasn’t possible.

Now in the 2022 version, it looks like post processing with stacked cameras are even worse! I cloned the exact same project, but the behavior now is that the ui volume completely overrides the base volume, so only the UI volume is applied and it’s applied to both cameras. Is there a way to get the behavior I wanted, or at least get back to how the 2020 version does it or not?