How to use Editor script?


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Hi all Unities,

      Hey sorry I cannot understand for how to use the "Editor script" when I try to add it to an object it return a message saying "To attach a script it needs to be outside the 'Editor' folder" so how should I make this work? These example are source from AngryAnt, Itween I wondering how could I use these? Could any one please show me the way?

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You don't add it to an object. Create a folder called Editor in your Assets folder, and put editor scripts in there. If they compile, their UI will auto-incorporate to the editor's UI

Check for the line that sets the place in the menu, so that you know where to look for, e.g.

[MenuItem ("GameObject/Set Pivot")]

will auto-incorporate to the editor’s UI??

what exactly does this mean, I’m trying and nothing happens, I have made a cool something and want to add a component to it which will have all the documentation it needs.

I agree with this issue. I have tried many times to get editor scripts to work. I have followed several tutorials and the documentation leaves you assuming you actually know how to make the cool little thing show up in the inspector. The script is in a folder “…/Assets/Editor/MyWindow.cs” and it shows no errors in Visual Studio but I cannot for the life of me ever get it to show up ANYWHERE!

Thanks for a response.

Make an empty game object → add component → script → e.g Menu Controller (what mine said)