How to use EditorGUILayout.SelectableLabel?

I can display the label in the inspector, and then what?
How should I interact with this label? I want to display a list with the names of class instances so that the user can select the desired instance. Can I use it as a button? If not, what is it used for at all? I didn’t find any examples in the documentation.

// List of instances of type Receiver
private List<Receiver> receives = new List<Receiver>();
// Loop in OnGUI Method
for(int i=0; i < receives.Count; i++) 
            // It is clear that this will not work because this method returns void
            if(EditorGUILayout.SelectableLabel(receivers[i].Name)) receivers[i].ShowOnWindow();

EditorGUILayout.SelectableLabel just displays a read-only label in which the user may select and copy the content. You may use this to show some data that may be useful for the user.

For example, an IP in a network component. The user could select and copy the IP from SelectableLabel. A regular label would just display the IP but couldn’t be selected in the inspector.

If you need to detect when the user clicks the item you must use some other method that detects interaction: