How to use health?

I know there is a tutorial for this but i don’t know if it works for a first person character. I would like to set the first person character’s health to 100. Also, how do you set certain things to subtract health? And would it be possible to have the character take fall damage that increases based on how high they fall from? And how do you display the health in the bottom right of your screen in number form but not have it visible outside of your camera? I know this is a lot but I would really like help with this

So this tutorial is what you would want to follow, I am not certain if this is the tutorial you were speaking of, but yes following these steps will work for a FPS. This tutorial uses a slider for the health bar but you can just as easily use a label to display text, and with the new UI tools you can drag the object anywhere on screen.

As for taking fall damage, there are multiple ways of accomplishing this. One would be to use the velocity of the Rigidbody when the character hits the ground. Or you could track the y position of the character when ungrounded and again once grounded to determine the distance fallen.

To handle healt, you need a script handling this.
In your health script, you should have a float initially set to 100 (if 100 is the maximum of your life).

If you want to lose more life when you fall from higher, you can make it proportionnal to your character speed (using rigidbody.velocity.magnitude for exemple).

To display it the way you want, your best choice is the new UI arrived with 4.6. It’s very easy to use and to do something nice. You just add a canvas, and a text where you’ll display current health.