How to use IF statement ONLY when a certain gameobject is in the scene?


I have a gameobject with this script attached to it, and it is marked DontDestroyOnLoad:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class PlanetoMapSelect : MonoBehaviour

    public int PlaneOneSelected;
    public int PlaneTwoSelected;
    public Transform ScriptObject;
    public GameObject LoadPlane;

    // Use this for initialization
    void Start()
    // if (LoadPlane is in scene)
        //load this....
    public void SelectPlaneOne()
        PlaneOneSelected = 1;
        Debug.Log("Plane One Selected");
    public void SelectPlaneTwo()
        PlaneTwoSelected = 1;
        Debug.Log("Plane Two Selected");

So it works great, however I need an IF statement to load an object ONLY if the LoadPlane object is in the scene (as seen in the script comments) How do I get the script to recognize that the LoadPlane is in the scene, and get an IF statement to work?

Thank you!

findLoadPlane = GameObject.Find(“LoadPlane”);

    if(findLoadPlane = null){
    //load this...

The null means that if the game object is not found then it will do the following, if you leave it blank then it will do nothing. The else will happen if it finds the game object and under else is where you write what you want to happen when you find the object.