How To Use IK In Unity 4 To Make A Aiming Animation While Character is still animating...?

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I want to ask a question…!
How To Make Like In This Video…! Ik Wip - YouTube
In Video,When Move The Sphere,Left-Arm and Right-Arm Move follow it…!But while aim animation is still animating…!

I know I will have to use IK for it…But How To set up correctly so that it is perfect like as in that video…!

IK is built into Mecanim with Unity Pro. Look at the Mecanim Example project. It contains a scene that does exactly this.

In brief, in the OnAnimatorIK() method, you’ll call some animator.SetIK…() methods. The OnAnimatorIK() method is called after your regular animation, so you can use it to override the animation to aim or look at something. Again, this requires Pro.

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It’s not too difficult to set up basic IK in Unity.
The simple IK (Inverse Kinematics) solver in Unity allows for quick and simple IK solving with very little overhead. It allows for blending between the animation and the IK system very fluently. Unity’s IK system supports the following functions:

  • Arm IK
  • Leg IK
  • Look IK (head)

To get started with IK, I recommend the following couple of YouTube videos:

If you more prefer written documentation, Unity provides a walk-through of basic IK here:

Personally, I would suggest that you take the time to watch both videos AND follow the official written tutorial to get the most out of your IK solutions. It is, of course, your decision as a developer, though.

Best of luck to you, and happy developing!!