How to use LOL 3d models for Unity3d animation

I’m new to Unity3d (game development in particular), been messing around for 2weeks now. I’ve been using free assets from asset stores from the beginning.

Now I want to create a simple game from scratch. I downloaded a model from internet (which is a league of legend character) with .dds, .jpg, .mtl, .obj, .skl, and .skn files.

I know I can just drag the .obj and .jpg into assets folder to import then drop the .obj in hierarchy to use the model. then drop the .jpg into the model to give it a texture.

Now my question is, how do I add the skeleton (if i’m not mistaken it’s the .skl file) to the model so that I can apply the animations from the Unity3d character package?

Thanks in advance.

Legally? You can’t. Those assets are copyrighted. If you want to create a game from scratch, I encourage you to do so!

In order to use animation you need to have .fbx files. You can also use certain other types such as .blend, but that requires that you have the appropriate app installed, since Unity actually opens types like that in the app and makes it export to .fbx, so really you are always using .fbx for animation.