How to use Map/Unmap in DirectX11 with textures in unity? (either RenderTextures or Texture2D are fine)

I’ve been trying to use quite a few different things, and I followed this answer to put it in a callback via GL.IssuePluginEvent , but it seemed to still have the flag D3D11_USAGE_DEFAULT as mentioned there. Is there a way to set this to D3D11_USAGE_DYNAMIC, or somehow otherwise use Map/Unmap with a texture?

I couldn’t find any direct way of doing so in forums / documentation…
In my case I needed a texture I can read back from CPU, so eventually ended up creating a new texture (on native plugin) via D3D11 code, with a “D3D11_USAGE_STAGING” flag, and then performed a: map, memcpy & unmap.

But if you managed somehow to define Unity’s RenderTexture directly with the desired flag, that can save me extra memcpy.