How to use Mono.Simd?

Mono seems to have included SIMD-support, My question is now, how do I use this? I’ve found that I need the Mono.Simd.dll, and that this should be included in the newer releases of Mono, I figured, I could just couple this DLL to my version of MonoDevelop (since Unity’s MonoDevelop is a fork of the original). The problem is now, I’ve downloaded multiple newer version of Mono (MonoDevelop, Mono runtime and Mono SDK), and the DLL is nowhere to be found. So, where can I find the DLL and how do I hook it up to MonoDevelop?

(also, see my post on the forum about this:

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MonoDevelop is not important, it is just an editor - what you need to do is put the DLL somewhere Unity itself can find it.

The best place is probably in a “Plugins” folder inside your “Assets” folder. When Mono.Simd.dll is visible there, Unity will add it to the solution that gets created for MonoDevelop or Visual Studio, and they’ll be able to see the DLL too.

The DLL itself should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity\Editor\Data\Mono\lib\mono\2.0. There’s another version in the MonoBleedingEdge folder, but I’m not sure how different they are. I use the 2.0 version and it seems to support all the features of my modern CPU.