How to use more than 32 textures on terrains in Unity 5?

The problem is that I can’t paint more than 32 textures on Unity 5 terrain. They appear black. In Unity 4.6 there were no problem even with 50+ textures on a single terrain. I have a big terrain with many zones with their own textures, so I need a lot of them. And now I can’t move my Unity 4.6 project to Unity 5, because a half of my terrain apperas just black. I tried to create a new test project, added random textures, but only 32 of them are displayed.
So, is there any way to paint more than 32 textures, like in Unity 4.6? I really need help in this quastion =(

I have the same problem, and i find it really stupid that you cant go over this limit.
to make realistic terrains, you got to be able to blend and mix and match textures.

This also nothing in the unity documentation, or within unity itself about this limit, yet your able to import textures bypassing this limit within the terrain tool. they just go black.