How to use morphs?

Hello everyone. I am wanting to make a 3d character generator similar to the character creation system seen in Aion. Video here: - YouTube

I know how I can do the hair and clothing but I am stumped at how I am going to do the morphs for the meshes. Do I make these morphs in 3DS max and then import them into Unity? Or do I have to make the morphs in unity? And after I get them into unity, how can I use these morphs? Thanks for any advice!

Use MegaFiers

Morphs are very tricky.

  1. Unity has no inbuilt support for morphing at all. Its all bone weight skinned or static and completely unanimated
  2. There are some script packages that allow you to do morphing but they are either completely in unity (that one is on the asset store) or they rely on multiple meshes / poses to morph between them (to be found on a board thread)

For your usage, the package on the asset store might potentially be more intereting to look at.

You can morph in your native application, then export as FBX, making sure that morphs are included in the output settings. You also have to use FBX 2011, not the latest version since Unity can not import morphs properly from newer versions. I am not using Max, but Modo on the Mac. Personally, I found that I could not import Morphs unless there was no keyframes on anything else in the scene. But I know Modo has some FBX issues, so that may not apply to your experience in Max.