How to use multiple spring joints on the same object?

I’m trying to implement physics in a fashion similar to World of Goo, with multiple nodes connected in a mesh of springy constraints. I’ve been able to implement this in codebases other than Unity (such as Box2D) with spring constraints. Unity’s spring joint looks perfect for the task, but unity won’t allow multiple SpringJoint components on the same object, which makes that unworkable (as far as I know).

The ConfigurableJoint component DOES allow duplicate components, but the settings for it are a pain to figure out and I can’t get it to approximate the spring joint. If I could, that would solve my problem, but so far experimenting with the values hasn’t yielded anything.

What would be my best approach for implementing this? Is there a straightforward way to configure the configurable joints to do what I want? Is there another approach entirely I haven’t considered?


Child objects of the GameObject with the Rigidbody can each have a SpringJoint on them. You’ll probably wand to model it that way anyway as the joints need to be created and removed dynamically in your game.