How to use MySQL if making an MMO?

Hello, I’m currently developing a small MMO game that I hope to one day put publicly on the internet. I’ve spent countless hours trying to figure out how to 1. Have a login system that allows people to register (The passwords some how need to be encrypted so that they can’t be stolen or seen by people.) and 2. Somehow store variables on a MySQL server (Like gold etc…) this also needs to be secure so that people can’t cheat. If you could point me in the right direction, that would be greatly appreciated as every tutorial/thread I’ve looked at just doesn’t seem right and too insecure.

Great question!

Good place to start. Gives you the concepts.
YouTube has quite a few tutorials on Unity and databases. When it comes to multiplayer that does NOT use matchmaking or room-based multiplayer, you’re on your own though, it seems.