How to use NetworkView?

I’m having trouble with network view. I have a script that connects the players, then loads a scene.

in the scene, there is a single ball that has a network view on it.

it has the following code

function Update () {

		transform.position.x += 1;


I thought that the whenever anybody that was connected pressed x the ball would move on everybody’s screen. It doesn’t. The ball only synchronizes the position when the server moves it.

So, how exactly can I make it so all players have control over the ball over the network?


This forum can be no help at all (no offense). I literally searched all last week until i finally came to a tutorial with wonderful little tidbit

“you’ll notice that objects with network view already in the scene only move on a servers computer because the ownership is set to the server by default.”


I mean almost everybody who makes a network tutorial seems to miss out on that part!

And everybody online can’t see that that’s my problem in a simple question like this, geez! I was right this was an incredibly easy question.

I don’t mean to be an ungrateful jerk, the majority of the time this community is very helpful, and i can see hitman was going for something like this with his response, but a week, seriously, this was as simple as it gets folks.