How to use Perlin Noise to generate terrain tiles?

I have terrain being generated in tiles all with dimensions of 400x400. How can I use perlin noise to make the terrains of each tile match up? The tiles appear as the player moves, not all at once, so calculating the entire width and height of the map is not an option.

  1. Make 400x400 perlin noise
  2. Save it.
  3. When you need to calculate next tile, load that image and get what you need to generate tile.

I have a Unity implementation of seamless tiling using Perlin noise. You can email me if you want the implementation. Also you can get the idea of how to generate a set of tiles using the Perlin noise and also control the frequency from my paper here: Procedural textures using tilings with Perlin Noise

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Unless you are a very talented programmer, sounds like this is the answer: Stitchscape