How to use Physics2D.OverlapArea

Hi,I dont know how get the points of the rectangle, i tried with this code, with erratic results.

void Update()
   walled = Physics2D.overlapArea (player.position,-player.position,Platform);


in the Script reference says:

The rectangle is defined by two diagonally opposite corner coordinates in world space. You can think of these as top-left and bottom-right but the test will still work if the ordering of the points is reversed.
How i get this points?.

You can try something like transform.position.x - half its width and transform.position.y + its height for the points, or you could use the position of empty gameobjects that you make and put in place by hand.

fixed, i figured out, this its the solution:

 Vector2 pointA;
    Vector2 pointB;
    void FixedUpdate()
    pointA = stick.position //The position of the rectangle
    pointB.x = stick.position.x + 0.25f; // sum the size of the axis X of the box collider
    pointB.y = stick.position.y + 6.19f; // sum the size of the axis Y of the collider

 walled = Physics2D.overlapArea (poinA,pointB,Platform);