How to use real vsync in Unity 3.5?

I have the problem that I am not able to achieve fluid motion in Unity 3.5.6f4 (60fps synced/locked to the monitors refresh). I have set Vsync Count to “Every VBlank”. Instead of silky smooth motion a get several stutters per second or even worse.

It appears to me that Unity does not sync to the monitors refresh, instead it tries to force a framerate near to the refreshrate of the monitor (reported by windows) by inserting delays to approximate an average target frame rate… What I would need is to switch off completely this behaviour and have Unity to create the D3DDevice with D3DPRESENT_INTERVAL_ONE. Is there any chance? Unity 4 does not show this problem. iOS shows a similar problem.

This issue is quite important as the game is a 2D side scroller and this “bad” scrolling is a show stopper.

I made an extra test project to ensure that this is not a problem of the project itself.

I solved that problem by switching to Unity 4…

Cheers, Mike