How to use regular mouse in Android and RemoteUnity

I’m having something is called SabreSD - board with i.MX6 ARM CPU. Such board has regular USB A female socket, where I can connect mouse or keyboard or both (e.g. Logitech K400). Now I have Android 4.3 on this device and more or less most apps I can control by connected mouse and/or keyboard.

But no with Unity Remote 4 or build with Unity.
I’m not able to read the mouse click with:




So how I could read and print in debug what button is clicked and what message receive Unity Remote? Or maybe I should get some extra unit/library for having that?

BTW The same time on my laptop, all traps about clicks working great. And if I launch this on my phone - I can touch (which is interpreted as LMB) screen and again I can read which “button” that was. I just can’t get working this with mouse on Android.

you can use OnMouseDown it works great on mobile :smiley: you can make gameobject like button every time you press this it will happen something you can do OnMouseButton {
GetComponent().transform.position something like this :smiley: