How to use sprite swapping with Unity's bone rigging 2DAnimation?

I’m using Unity’s newer bone 2DAnimation-system, and I want to swap sprites to change clothes, but I can’t figure out how to copy the mesh/bone information from one sprite to the other to make sprite-swapping to work. Here’s one of my tries causing an error:
Video of it not working

I followed the official manual on how to do this:

  1. Created a Sprite Library Asset by doing: Assets > Create > Sprite Library Asset.

  2. Attached a Sprite Library component and Sprite Resolver component to the Clothes-sprite (that I connected to the bones).

  3. Here’s where I’m stuck. The manual now says one is supposed to copy and paste the skeleton-rigs to the new sprite get the swapping to work (manual’s here: Copy and Paste Skeleton Rigs | 2D Animation | 3.0.8)
    But I have no clue how to do that, or where the “Paste Button” is that they show in the manual. I tried pressing the sprite/gameobject in the hierarchy and “copying” it and then “pasting” it, but it only creates a copy of the sprite. I also I tried to copy the sprite-skin component and paste it, but it’s not working and gives me an error “Sprite has no Bind Poses”. Does anyone know how to actually get this to work, where to press and how?

I finally found a video-tutorial on how it’s done, and I’m posting it here to those who find this thread in the future! (38:00 minute mark):

The tutorial video: Bringing 2D characters to life with sprite rigging - Unite Copenhagen - YouTube

The copy/pasting is supposed to be done in the Sprite editor and it involves all the bones :)! That should get it to work. He’s showing exactly how it’s done in the video above.

I think I’m on the same path as you - except I want to add a new sprite to my character (decided I needed a sad face for some levels!) have you seen any tutorials on how to add sprites to an existing character? Thanks!