How to use sqlite database in unity(C#) ?

I need to use sqlite database in unity3d(c#) android project,
but can not find required information or tutorials.

I am following this link

but it give me the error `License error. License error. This plugin is only supported in Unity Pro!

I am using unity3d free version.

I would appreciate your help on this, thank you.

Unfortunately, .NET socket support for Android is not included in Unity Free as far as I know. This may have changed in Unity 5, and if so then this is likely a bug. Otherwise, I know you can use Javascript’s SQL functionality to accomplish what you want to, but I don’t have much UnityJS experience so I won’t go into that.

I also found this solution that other people have reported success in implementing that could be worth a shot.

There are actually 2 DLL’s you’ll need:



With those DLL’s, you can run sqlite in any platform.