How to use the Aspect Ratio Fitter/Anchors to make a child object stay in the same place related to Parent

Hi, I’m making a small app where pictures appear at the centre of page of a book. I’m using the Canvas Scaler Component for 1920:1080 px as reference and it all looks good at multiple resolutions if I leave the Aspect ratio at 16:9 :


Of course, things do mess up if I pick a different Aspect Ratio such as:


My question is how to set up the aspect ratio fitter and anchors to make that “a” RectTransform to stay in the center of the page, and with the same size ratio It has with its parent (Which is the book image, which stretches all around the canvas). Currently I left the hierarchy and anchors for the child gameObject like this:

Anchors and hierachy setup

It really seems like I haven’t understood the anchor system yet. I did try to experiment using the aspect ratio fitter In both the parent and child gameobject, adding another rectTransform to the hierarchy, messing with the pivots, etc.

Not got access to Unity at the moment but placing the anchors of the child object in it’s own corners has worked for me in the past.

So if the book is the child of the background click on the book and move the anchors to the corner of the book. You should be able to zero them out in the inspector but if you just drag to the corner of the item it should get close for almost all aspect ratios.

Assuming the A is a child of the book you’ll then need to select the A and drag the anchors to the corners of A’s rect transform.

It should then keep the same look even if the book gets a bit squashed in when moving from 16:9 to 4:3, as in the backround will get squished in as in your example but so will the book and the A.

Sorry I can’t post a picture at the moment, hope you understand.