how to use the default skin in a custom stlye?

I added a custom stlye to my GUISkin and want to use the default button background for it. However, I don´t see how to select it.

The “Button” style in that Skin uses the background of the default unity skin (button).

My custom stlye has currently “none”. When I open the “Select Texture2D” Window, I see all my own textures in the list, but not the unity default texture.

There is no way to drag and drop it, or copy and paste it. How do I get it into my custom style?

It is available on the asset store.

I can’t find a way in editor. But you can try this in code:

GUIStyle customStyle ="custom");
customStyle.normal.background = (Texture2D)Resources.GetBuiltinResource(typeof(Texture2D), "GameSkin/window.png");
		customStyle.onNormal.background = (Texture2D)Resources.GetBuiltinResource(typeof(Texture2D), "GameSkin/window on.png");

code above is for window. You can change button style the same way:

gUISkin.button.normal.background = (Texture2D)Resources.GetBuiltinResource(typeof(Texture2D), "GameSkin/button.png");
			gUISkin.button.hover.background = (Texture2D)Resources.GetBuiltinResource(typeof(Texture2D), "GameSkin/button hover.png");

hey @antx
I hate to rez a very old thread, but the solution is simple and might help someone.
Just copy the image from the skin style you want and paste it into the skin style you want to replace.
Example: to put back the original button normal background image

  1. create a new skin.
  2. open the button style fold out.
  3. right click in the normal background image field and select copy.
  4. go to your other skin (where you want the to replace the button image).
  5. in that skin’s button normal background image field, right click and paste.