How to use the deselect Event Trigger?

I’m trying to make a panel get disabled (setActive(false)) whenever the player clicks outside of the panel.
I looked up how to do this, and it pointed to adding an Event trigger of Deselect.

Whenever I test it, when I click outside of the panel, nothing happens.
To see if the event trigger is actually working, I tried setting it to PointerClick and PointerEnter, and it works fine.

How do I use Deselect correctly? If it can’t be used for the way I want it to, how should I do it?

I was having the same problem. I could not figure out how to get the Deselect functionality to work. Then, kind of by luck, I figured out that Unity has a Selectable component that you have to add to the object that you are trying to Select/Deselect. After you add this component you should be able to receive Select/Deselect events by setting them up through the EventTriggers.