How to use the silhouetted outline shader from the wiki?

Hey guys,
I’m trying to use the silhouetted outline shader from the wiki (the first one):

However, when I just copy the code into a new shader file, I get the following warning on the editor console: Shader warning in ‘Outlined/Silhouetted Diffuse’: Both vertex and fragment programs must be present in a CGPROGRAM. Excluding it from compilation. at line 106 (on )

That’s this bit of the code:

#pragma vertex vert
#pragma exclude_renderers gles xbox360 ps3

I see that there is no fragment shader defined here but just copying “#pragma fragment frag” yields an error. As this is code from the wiki, I thought it would kind of work out of the box but maybe it has something to do with newer Unity versions (I’m using Unity 5). I don’t know much about the shader stuff in Unity, so if someone has an idea how I could solve this issue, it’d be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

I just commented those lines out and it worked alright.