How to use the Unity 5 Transparent Shader?

i want to know how to use the new Unity 5 Standard Transparent Shader. I’m doing everything like in this Video:
But there is no Transparency :frowning:

I Have

  • a .png Texture (Alpha from Grayscale & Alpha Transparency CHECKED).
  • A Material with the Standard Shader and Transparent Checked.
  • The Texture assigned to the Albedo Main Map.
  • No other Maps like Normal Map, Metallic and so on.
  • a Plane assigned with Material above.

When i’m scaling the Alpha in the Color Picker, nothing happens! I just want to use an PNG Texture on a Plane with Transparency, thats all! it works with the older Shaders like Mobile/Transparency/Vertex Color.

I Hope you Guys can help me!

You have to set rendering mode to Transparent. It is in the first Dropdown, the default Mode is opaque.

Edit: Is this what you mean by Transparecy is checked? I have a Texture on my default Material, when i change the alpha of the color, the material gets transparent.