How to use this gif in animation

I want to add this animation when an enemy dies in my game, but I have no idea how to do it, since it seems Unity doesn’t handles gifs at all.

Any ideas?

Unity is not supporting gif. You can use sprite animation .

1.Use Unity 4 version or above

2.Goto main menu and select GameObject > Create Other > Sprite

3.Select the image to make animation .

4.Goto Inspector

      4a. Texture type >Sprite

      4b. Sprite mode > mutliple

      4c. Select Sprite Editor > Slice > Type >Grid 

      4d. Pixel size ,adjust to suitable size  , > Slice

5.Goto Main menu > Window >Animation

6.Select the sprite object

7.Select Animation window >Add Curve >Save

8.Select sprite image > add each slice in suitable Animation frame (0:0 ,0:10,0:20 etc)

for more details please check out :

This tutorial gives the idea about sprite and sprite animation.

Use to extract your gif into frames , then you can simply use these frames to create animation in unity

Try making the .png as a particle, and assign the particles to appear when the player dies.

you could convert it to an mp4 video file and make it repeat forever.

convert to mp4 here