How to use Time.fixedDeltaTime for slow motion?

if ( == “TrailSlow”) {
Time.timeScale = 0.5F;

			Time.timeScale = 1F;


I have written this script that makes the game work at half the speed whenever a ball collides with another object. I have noticed that once it is at half speed the movements are not smooth.

I understand that I have to implement Time.fixedDeltaTime to make things smoother, could someone show me how to implement them to the code above?

I have tried myself. The game goes smooth at slow motion but after a few more hits (back and forth between timescale 1 and 0.5F) the game starts jittering at like 3 fps. I know I am doing it wrong somewhere!

Like this:

void FixedUpdate() //Just in case it's still laggy put FixedUpdate, but try Update if you want
        Time.timeScale = 0.5f;
        Time.fixedDeltaTime = Time.timeScale * 0.02f;